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If you're as dull-witted as Starbucks® thinks you are, you may not realize you've reached this site by mistake.
You might've entered our address into your browser, thinking you'd somehow end up at starbucks.com anyway.
So if you're looking for a cup of coffee with a mermaid on the side, you're in the wrong place.

But! If you're looking for a friendly, Native-owned cafe in NW Canada,

Here We Are!!

A Synopsis of the "Brew"haha

HaidaBucks Cafe made the news recently due to our legal struggle with Starbucks®. They're suing us for trademark infringement because, for some reason, they believe you can't tell the difference between our little shop and their huge, mass-marketed company. If this is true, learn to tell the difference between the two companies. Catch up on the latest news, find out how you can help.

We deeply appreciate the help and encouragement we've received from friends around the world.
Many thanks to the following organizations for providing their generous support to our cause:


About HaidaBucks
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HaidaBucks vs. Starbucks®

Starbucks® is suing HaidaBucks for trademark infringement. We are fighting this with every means at our disposal.

So What's A HaidaBuck?

HaidaBucks Cafe is in Haida Gwaii territory, on one of the Queen Charlotte Islands off the northern coast of British Columbia, Canada. Located in the village of Masset, population 700, it's owned by four young members of the Haida First Nation. These young men refer to themselves as bucks. Like many Native Nations, theirs refers to young men as bucks. The four friends even played on the Haida Bucks basketball team when they were younger. That's how HaidaBucks got its name:

HaidaBucks = Haida Nation Men!

The term "young buck" found its way into the vernacular of the Dominant Culture many years ago, perhaps (according to some) as early as the first settlers. The term was used then to refer to Native men. Merriam-Webster's on-line dictionary lists numerous definitions for "buck", among them: " 2a - a male human being." For "young buck", One Look's on-line dictionary offered the quick definition "an adolescent male" in addition to offering five dictionaries that listed the term, as well as "buck" by itself.

We hope the reason you're visiting this site is that you've heard that Starbucks®, in their "infinite wisdom", has decided that using Bucks in their name is just too darn confusing for the average person. Personally, we think you're much smarter than that. And, if not, we've offered a significant amount of information to help you tell the difference.

Let's begin with the pictures below. We feel that this page, in and of itself, offers enough information for most people who harbor any confusion between the two companies. Further information may be found on the Other Bucks page, as well. But let's start here, shall we?



The front view of HaidaBucks, which was designed along the lines of a traditional Haida Gwaii long house. Does this look like a Starbucks® to you? And remember, we're talking a shop that's in a community of 700! Starbucks® serves that many cups of coffee on a daily basis in a slow store!


The street in front of HaidaBucks. Does this look like the kind of metropolitan area that would be home to a Starbucks® to you? Can you imagine a Starbucks® in a village of 700? Would you expect to find one in a place like that?

Here's an interior shot of HaidaBucks. Note the extensive use of hardwood, wood tables, chairs and benches. Note the lack of green and black, the lack of the mermaid. Does this look like your average Starbucks®? Are you confused?


Another interior shot. This one shows the Airpot coffee dispensers out where anyone can serve themselves a free refill. Ever seen a Starbucks® that did this? Me neither. 


Darin's eagle died from electrocution by a power line. He had the magnificent bird mounted in a "forever proud" stance. Behind it is a Killer Whale, painted on a section of log in the traditional Haida Gwaii style. I doubt you'll ever see decorations like this in a Starbucks®

This is the original artwork of the main logo for HaidaBucks. I used a photo of this picture to fashion the logo for the site. Also in this picture are Willis, as well as a different view of Darin's eagle.



The Difference Between HaidaBucks and Starbucks®

We know it's not easy. I mean, it's just so confusing, we almost can't stand it. But we've learned to tell the difference between a small, friendly cafe in the NW of Canada and a corporate conglomerate that employs too many lawyers with too much time on their hands. Now you can, too. Take a look at the comparisons below. Study them carefully and soon, you too will be able to tell the difference between HaidaBucks and Starbucks®. If, after diligent study of the chart below, you're still unable to tell the difference, there's probably no hope for you whatsoever. Send your resume to Starbucks® and get a job on their legal team.

A small café located in NW Canada - on an island, in avillage of 700 inhabitants, value - $10,000-20,000(Cdn)
Publicly traded, global conglomerate with locations in metropolitan areas, value - $10 BILLION+!
Owned and operated by four Haida Gwaii young men
Run by a team of high-paid executives
Building resembles a traditional Haida Gwaii longhouse
Shops conform to corporate design featuring green and black color scheme
Serves a full menu of tasty food and beverages at reasonable prices

Serves high-priced coffee, tea, and pastries

Supports community by offering jobs for others, while the owners must work elsewhere to provide for themselves
Claims to support communities while crushing local competitors with strong-arm tactics
Supports indigenous community by being indigenousand providing employment for other indigenous people
Claims to support indigenous peoples while harassing a small indigenous-owned café for daring to use the word bucks
Cannot afford legal representation to fight off corporate thugs trying to take their good name
Can afford millions for useless lawsuits to harass local businesses

OK, here's the hard part -- so we made the font larger so you wouldn't get confused:

Haida (pronounced Hi-Duh) is not the same as Star

Got that? Let's make sure. Haida -- Star -- Haida -- Star.
See how easy that was? The two words are completely different!How about that?


Other Bucks

Tens of thousands of visitors can tell the difference
between Starbucks® and other bucks. Now, you can, too!

This is a Buck Deer. Buck means "male" when used this way. We use it the same way. Haida Bucks are young Haida Gwaii males. If you find one of these in your coffee cup, do NOT attempt to drink him. Ask for a refill - quick!
This is a Buck Knife. It's named after the Buck Knife Company. Maybe they should sue Starbucks® for trademark infringement. Definitely do NOT drink this, but you can use it to stir your coffee in a pinch.
This is Buck Owens, a famous country singer. Like Starbucks® coffee, most people either loved him, or hated him. Not many people in between the two extremes. We don't know whether he liked coffee or not, but if he did, he probably brewed it at home. With Maxwell House® or Chock Full O' Nuts®.
This is the actor who plays Buck Rogers on TV. Several women have told us they'd like to share a cup of coffee with him, but would prefer a more private setting than Starbucks®. Sorry ladies, we don't know him, so we can't pass along any emails or marriage proposals.
This is Pearl S. Buck, the noted author. As far as we can tell, she preferred tea over coffee. In her day, there were no Starbucks® stores, so she probably just brewed Lipton's® at home. Then again, having written about the orient, she may have used loose tea in a teapot.
This is Buck Henry, the noted writer, filmmaker and actor. Many remember him as the original host of Saturday Night Live. We have no clue as to whether he drank coffee or not.